Not My Mama’s Biscuits

I woke up this morning with my Mom’s biscuits on the brain. I’m almost 40 and I still believe she has magic in her hands.

On cold mornings before church, with gospel music blasting, she would be found in the kitchen gently coaxing flour, salt, shortening & love, into homemade biscuits. She could do it in her sleep. She would say, “It’s all in the dough & how it feels.”

I never mastered her biscuits. I guess that when I was younger, I still didn’t have an understanding of feeling the dough.

With the Vegans here, it’s been an exciting time to try new takes on all the foods we grew up on. Finding new ways to make them lighter, healthier, vegan. Some of the substitutes are laughable, until you try them, like this recipe for southern style biscuits. I wondered about this “buttermilk” saying almondmilk has no fat!

It starts out simple enough, like any other recipe with basic ingredients for a dough.

The vegan “buttermilk.” I can’t believe it actually curdled! Lol

After cutting in the 2 fats (by the way, I doubled the margarine- I felt like it needed more) their powers combined!

After a super gentle folding.

I cut them out with a flour-dusted 8-oz. juice glass & then turned them out into a buttered (ok, ok, margerined – it’s just habit to say butter) glass pie dish.

Baked them according to the recipe and I was really impressed!

We had them with grits cooked in vegetable stock & plant-based breakfast patties.

Here’s the inspiration & credit.


2/11 Update: Second time was a charm. Added a little more patience for them to brown & baked them on a cookie sheet.


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